How to avoid deletion of data when replicating with the Mirrormaker-2 on switchover in Active and Passive DC

I am trying out to have active and passive Kafka Cluster using Apache Kafka 3.7. And using Mirrormaker-2 for replicating data between them. That means the data is replicating from active to passive Kafka cluster unidirection. And also configured replication class as in the “replication.policy.class=org.apache.kafka.connect.mirror.IdentityReplicationPolicy”.
But after switchover i.e. current active becomes passive and current passive becomes active. When MM2 again starts from new Active to new passive, MM is replicating all the data from scratch and there we are getting duplicates.
Is there any way in Confluent Kafka and Mirrormaker to tell Mirrormaker to replicate exactly the needed data i.e. more or less like avoid duplicate data to be replicated?