How to enable Basic Auth on Schema Registry

I am trying to enable basic auth feature on Schema Registry but getting error that it requires license with Enterprise Support. Is this correct as I am using community edition and that shouldn’t ask for license key.

Please clarify.


Can you clarify what you are using that requires a license?

The Basic HTTP Auth does not state it needs it.

I am deploying schema registry as standalone K8S pod connected to Kafka (K8s) pod.
I followed Confluent Kubernetes Schema Registry Kind. This actually helps deploying Schema Registry as a K8S pod and enabled HTTP Basic Auth on it. Though Auth is working with both Kafka cli and consumers but after a month it I got below error which is surprising.

Can you please help?


which is surprising.

How so? That’s the expected behaviour.

As I’ve told before, the settings mentioned in the documentation of the previous link should all be able to be applied directly to a pod that you deploy manually using image: cp-schema-registry