How to find out which AVRO version is supported?

I was looking on this Kafka Connect Avro Converter | Confluent Hub documentation to find out what AVRO version is supported in the specific Avro converters but didn’t find any information about that. Is my assumption correct that the Avro converter decides which Avro version is supported, and if yes how to find out what version I’m dealing with ?

Yes, that assumption is correct. The Avro converter lives in the Schema Registry codebase here and pulls in the avro dependency. I don’t see the Avro version documented outside the source itself. One way to determine the version is to follow the converter’s chain of parent POMs for 7.5.3 to find the version of Avro dependencies (here to here to here). In this line of the common parent POM, the converter v7.5.3’s Avro version is 1.11.3 (the most recent release).

Thank you very much for your help finding this information. It is very relevant for us since we are eagerly awaiting an update to AVRO related to this which gonna provide support for nano seconds on timestamps. Do you see a reason why the AVRO version is not included in the release notes of the Avro Converter ?

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