How to update Topic partitions from Confluent cloud

@mizeintegration Please can you clarify what your question is, or what the error or issue is that you’re encountering? thanks

Thank you.
Here my question is simple. I want to update the Topic partition from 2 to 6. How can I do this change from Cloud UI itself?

@mizeintegration As far as I know, you cannot increase the partition count in the Cloud UI. However, you can use the Apache Kafka command to alter Confluent Cloud topics.

First you’ll want to create a command configuration file from the Cloud UI. Under the CLI and tools menu you can create a properties file with the proper security settings.

You’ll need an Apache Kafka distribution with access to the command. The Kafka quickstart can help you get it installed: Apache Kafka

Once you have the config and properties file locally you can run the alter command like this: --bootstrap-server <your-bootstrap-url> --command-config <path-to-your-properties-file> --alter --topic <your-topic> --partitions <num-partitions-to-increase-to>

For what it’s worth, you can also use ksqlDB to do this

CREATE STREAM source WITH (KAFKA_TOPIC='source_topic', FORMAT='<format>');

It’s a similar concept to that illustrated here: ksqlDB HOWTO: Reserialising data in Apache Kafka - YouTube

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