I am working on push notification system

  • Build a Notification system that can send single or bulk messages to connected client devices.

  • Clients should be able to get a list of available topics

  • Clients should be able to subscribe/unsubscribe to topics available

  • Expose APIs for Services to

  • Create/register topics

  • Delete/Unregister topics

  • Publish Messages to topics

  • Device specific topics

  • Types of Push notifications New Movie Releases

  • Offers

  • Subscription expiry

Please help me with the building process and Architecture

Hi @sharanya19! Welcome to the forum. Can you give us a bit more background about this – what have you tried so far? What architectures are you considering, and what particular points are you unclear on or would like help with?

Thank you so much @rmoff . As of now, I have build a producer and consumer logic thats all i am considering using technologies like Kafka, WebSocket, AWS EC2, AWS gateway API. The type of messages that I have to send is
New Movie Releases


Subscription expiry

Settings changes

The points I am unclear about are how to send bulk messages at a time and also how to register/register for topics.