IBM MQ Connector

Our system is basically a legacy Spring Boot system and it is not driven by events. So the primary datasource is the DB. A JDBC source connector is. planned for this.

But when I dig deeper we see IBM MQ which is sending SMS messages. Those events cannot be ingested into Kafka unless MQ pushed it to the DB or we use IBM MQ connector. I can easily test the ‘demo-scene’ example from Confluent.

But I am worried about the different characteristics of a connector for MQ. It is surely not like a JDBC connector as it is expecting a queue to have the SMS events to be ingested.

Extending Kafka Connectors to MQ because the original system is not event-driven may be less useful than I think.

What are the monitoring facilities and failure modes of the MQ Connector ?


I want to add that the Kafka Connect cluster is going to be hosted in Kubernetes and the MQ is outside and owned by a different team. We can request them to push their messages to a separate queue for us. Either that or they have to push it to a DB.

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