Identity Pool quote limit

Hi @dtroiano

I have some query on Confluent Identity pool and it’s limit per provider under the same organisation.

Why should Identity pool has 100 quota limit. Suppose if we have 1000 client Application running then how it will be mapped to 100 identity pool within same identity provider under the same organisation. Even we group the client applications and map it with single identity pool then same RBAC roles would be applied on all client applications that might not be good for design perspective.

Is any way to leverage this usecase.


I’d recommend reaching out to Confluent Support requesting an increase the max number of identity pools per provider for your organization. From the Service Quotas for Confluent Cloud docs:

All Confluent Cloud resources have hard thresholds that cannot be exceeded, but many of the default quotas can be increased based on your changing requirements.

If you’ve designed for each app to have its own RBAC config then this is a good case to request an increase. I’d guess that the default of 100 was chosen as a reasonably high number for orgs that prefer one app to one RBAC config, plus having many apps to one RBAC config might be preferable for easier policy management (e.g., easier to update role assignments that apply to a group of apps).

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