Install plugin connector in confluent cloud

Hi everyone,
I have a question. I am working in an company and we are working with confluent cloud. we do log in to this url example:{env}/clusters/{cluster_key}/connectors

We need to use the plugin connector “kafka connect JDBC” and although on the page they explain how to install it. We do not have clear who person should install it.

Should we contact the confluent team to help us with that installation or how we could do?

We have the doubt because we can not enter to worker nodes and we don’t have confluent hub. I saw this video but I understood that is for local environments.

it may be that i’m wrong

Thanks in advance.

You can’t install plugins on Confluent Cloud. But fortunately for you there are lots of fully managed connectors, including the JDBC connector - check out the list here: Connect External Systems to Confluent Cloud | Confluent Documentation

If you want to use a connector that’s not available yet fully managed on Confluent Cloud you need to run your own Kafka Connect worker that will connect to Confluent Cloud - one example of doing that is here: Running a self-managed Kafka Connect worker for Confluent Cloud

Thanks for your answer. I got it.
I was confusing because on confluent hub says that JDBC connector is fully managed.

Finally, I understand that if I wish to use an plugin connector that is not fully managed I need install it in my owner confluent environment.


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