Installing Kafka Lag Exporter in Linux VM

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I am trying to install Kafka Lag exporter in Linux VM, however the official confluent documentation(jmx-monitoring-stacks/shared-assets/kafka-lag-exporter at 7.3-post · confluentinc/jmx-monitoring-stacks · GitHub) does not have any executables in it, it only contains a .config file.

We already have jmx exporter running and exposing metrics, now we want to add lag exporter as well.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hello @sandeep,
check this file, it will start cp-demo with a docker container with kafka lag exporter

Thank you @hifly81 , I have seen this script but this is more on containers, i am looking for something on the VM’s.

have you checked this?
It is basically a java program:

-Dconfig.file=/opt/docker/conf/application.conf \

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@hifly81 Thank you, i will try this and let you know the outcome.