Integrate Multi Datacenter "Consumers Connection" and "Lag" In single Control Center dashboard

Hi There,
This is Arbind, I am using confluent platform in my current company. As a CP admin mostly I am monitoring my internal consumers (more than 60). I would like to share some ideas for confluent control centre using Rest Proxy.
I have noticed when we have multiple internal consumers and I want to check Consumer connection and Lag then I have to go through individual consumer links and see the status and its worst when we have a multi-datacenter.

But I believe that we can integrate a multi-datacenter control center dashboard for the consumer level. It will make easy life for consumers and Kafka administrator.

I did POC, integrated two data centres from confluent Rest Proxy API and now I can see all my consumer connection and their Lag at the same place .

My screen using Rest Proxy API

Lag and connection we can see real-time data .