Interfacing with schema registry from golang (msgs serialised as Protobuf msgs)

Hi all

so a serious noob, (just putting it out there ;))

Busy teaching myself some technologies, at this point it’s golang and Kafka working together.

I’ve written a app to that reads a text file, then packages the messages (lines) into Protobuf serialised format and then publishes them onto a Kafka topic.

I’d like to bring Schema Registry into the mix. does anyone have a link to a how to ?
thinking… how do I register my protobuf format into schema registry (running the cp_all_in_one) deployment on my laptop.
what code do I then add to my go app which then enforces the messages posted on the topic to be “checked” against the registered schema registry rule.


There is a Go Schema Registry client from @riferrei, and discussion of how to use it with Protobuf in this issue.

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… Might be missing something, looking at the code, it’ looks as if It’s a JSON structure actually and not Protobuf based. Don’t see them importing / using the <Complex_Structure> message/data structure, where the fields are then populated and then Protobuf.Marshall’ed…


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