Unable to find any serializer/deserializer for AVRO in golang

I am using confluent cloud and storing my data in the avro format in kafka topics. And now I am consuming this data as well as producing to the topics from the golang client. But I haven’t been able to serialize/deserialize them.
I tried https://github.com/riferrei/srclient, but this I find to be incomplete as I havent been able to properly get the data stored in kafka-topics, instead it gave me somewhat the schema of the underlying topic.

Please recommend some package which I can use for my purpose.

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There was a thread about this recently, does it help? :point_right: Interfacing with schema registry from golang (msgs serialised as Protobuf msgs)

I was not able to resolve the issue, I took the above reference. Can you please suggest me any package for avro deserialization for confluent kafka data in golang

See the following thread for an example: Protobuf Producer Example · Issue #17 · riferrei/srclient · GitHub

The Confluent Go client has been released with Schema Registry support, including Avro: Release v1.9.1 · confluentinc/confluent-kafka-go · GitHub