Invalid value for Filter in SMT

Invalid value io.confluent.connect.transforms.Filter$Value for configuration transforms.filterStout.type: Class io.confluent.connect.transforms.Filter$Value

“transforms.filterExample3.filter.condition.”: “$[?(@.fieldToFilter == ‘valueToMatch’)]”,

Have you installed Confluent’s connect-transforms and ensured that it lives somewhere under the Connect worker’s plugin.path?

You can verify that the SMT is available by looking in the Connect worker’s log for logging like:

INFO Scanning for plugin classes. This might take a moment ...


INFO Added plugin 'io.confluent.connect.transforms.Filter$Value'

If the SMT is being loaded properly, perhaps the error is due to an alias mismatch. The alias in the config you shared is filterExample3 but it’s filterStout in the error message.

I used same transform filter only -
“transforms”: “indexName,ReplaceField,RenameField,filterExample3”,
“transforms.filterExample3.type”: “io.confluent.connect.transforms.Filter$Value”,
“transforms.filterExample3.filter.condition”: ““$[?(@.filterField== ‘valueToMatch’)”,
“transforms.filterExample3.filter.type”: “include”,
“transforms.filterExample3.missing.or.null.behavior”: “exclude”,

Issue with 400 Bad request - “message”: “Connector configuration is invalid and contains the following 1 error(s):\nInvalid value io.confluent.connect.transforms.Filter$Value for configuration transforms.filterExample3.type: Class io.confluent.connect.transforms.Filter$Value could not be found.\nYou can also find the above list of errors at the endpoint /connector-plugins/{connectorType}/config/validate

It doesn’t look like the SMT is installed and available on the worker’s plugin.path – did you run confluent-hub install confluentinc/connect-transforms:latest and ensure that the worker’s plugin.path includes the installation location?

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