🎧 IoT Integration and Real-Time Data Correlation with Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams ft. Kai Waehner

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There are two primary industries within the Internet of Things (IoT): industrial IoT (IIoT) and consumer IoT (CIoT), both of which can benefit from the Apache Kafka® ecosystem, including Kafka Streams and Kafka Connect. Kai Waehner, who works in the advanced tech group at Confluent with customers, defining their needs, use cases, and architecture, shares example use cases where he’s seen IoT integration in action. He specifically focuses on Walmart and its real-time customer integration using the Walmart app. Kafka Streams helps fine-tune the Walmart app, optimizing the user experience, offering a seamless omni-channel experience, and contributing to business success.

Other topics discussed in today’s episode include integration from various legacy and modern IoT data sources, latency sensitivity, machine learning for quality control and predictive maintenance, and when event streaming can be more useful than traditional databases or data lakes.


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