Issue deploying cluster linking

I am facing issue while deploying cluster linking. I have successfully created link between source & destination cluster but getting issue while mirroring the topic (viz. copy exact source topic name)

Details: -

  • source hostname:- KPR-U-APP-KFK-CL03

  • destination hostname :-KPR-U-APP-KFK-CL04

  • cluster link cmd:- bin/kafka-cluster-links --bootstrap-server KPR-U-APP-KFK-CL03:9095 --create --link test1_link --config-file --cluster-id mnConx7PQx-pRJYS5XlVeQ (dest.cluster-id)

  • in I have destination bootstrap-server.

  • topic name:- test-link-topic

  • mirror-maker cmd:-bin/kafka-mirrors --bootstrap-server KPR-U-APP-KFK-CL03:9095 --create --mirror-topic test-link-topic --link test1_link

  • issue in mirror maker:-
    Error while executing mirror command: Topic ‘test-link-topic’ already exists.ERROR org.apache.kafka.common.errors.TopicExistsException: Topic ‘test-link-topic’ already exists.

Please check attached snap as well,