K8s Kafka kraft Block storage deployment

Hey all :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive started using longhorn for storage which is Block storage no readwritany.

Ive Got a Kafka-kraft cluster 3 nodes statefullset which i use to run on a nfs share, no issues there, but since its Block-storage i cant multi-attach , how do i get around this issue?

This is the Kafka setup yaml

i guess i somehow have to move the init of the cluster to a configmap which is then mounted to the new nodes i just donno how to And maybe use init container. Ut THE other nodes need information from THE first node, and i do need to run kt with pv, since i need to have a backup and restore solution in production(im using k10 kasten -io)

Could i maybe remove THE entrypoint file script and create a ConfigMap with THE entrypoint and then in a init container make it deploy metadata in an empthydir ?
Im new to trying to become a devops studying 5 years ops degree so im a rookie in devops world :slight_smile: