Kafka Active Controller Election Time Reducing


There are clusters running in Kubernetes environment on 3 different machines with 3 Kafka brokers and 3 Zookepers.

It may take up to 35 seconds for the new active broker to be elected when the machine where the Active Broker is located is de-energized or power-off.

We measure the election time of the active broker by looking at the time when the metric “cp_kafka_controller_kafkacontroller_activecontrollercount” is 0.

Is it normal for Active Broker select time to be this high in Apache Kafka 2.7?

How can we further reduce the active controller election time?

I add below Kafka Zookeeper configuration and Partition numbers

Partition Count:
_replicamanager_partitioncount: 1209

Kafka Configs:

offsets.topic.replication.factor”: “3”
default.replication.factor”: 3
min.insync.replicas”: 2
auto.create.topics.enable”: false
leader.imbalance.check.interval.seconds”: 30

Zookeeper Configs:
tickTime: 2000
syncLimit: 5
initLimit: 10
maxClientCnxns: 60
autoPurgeSnapRetainCount: 3
autoPurgePurgeInterval: 24

hey @zeynel

it depends also on how busy the cluster is.
how much topics do you have?