Kafka connect and Kafka consumer business rules

I am in the process of evaluating how Kafka connect can detect Oracle changes. At this point CDC is not in scope. This is about how the consumer business rules can be implemented. When the consumer operates on the messages and tries to push it to mobile devices it needs security and other business rules to be checked. So, for example, some devices could be blacklisted.

  1. Should this be done when Kafka connect detects changes ? The SQL query itself can be manipulated ?
  2. Can this be done when the consumer receives the messages ? I am thinking that either a special message can be pushed based on Oracle changes by Kafka connect which can be joined with the original message.
    Either this or something like ksqldb/Oracle join query can be consulted by the consumer. When the consumer consults this query at the point where it tries to push to the device it can filter.

How is this implemented ? There may be blacklisting messages or other business rules entering the Kafka system or the source Oracle DB.


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