Kafka consummer lag/Prometheus adapter

Hello everyone, I’m having a problem with the metrics from the Confluent Cloud. I’ve connected through the Prometheus server and am trying to send external metrics to Kubernetes. However, my request from the Prometheus-adapter is coming back empty

  config.yaml: |
    - seriesQuery: '{topic!="",__name__=~"confluent_kafka_server_consumer_lag_offsets"}'
      metricsQuery:  sum(avg_over_time(confluent_kafka_server_consumer_lag_offsets{<<.LabelMatchers>>}[10m])) by (topic,consumer_group_id)
        namespaced: false

Hi @Yevhen.L do you have active consumers subscribed?

I changed metric:
sum(avg_over_time(confluent_kafka_server_consumer_lag_offsets[8m])) by (topic,consumer_group_id)

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