Kafka log directory?

We have set the kafka log directory but it doesn’t seem to be working…where can I set this kafka log directory? Is it in the log4j properties? I would rather not modify the kafka startup script. Thoughts?

Hi @pebriggs

could provide some more details about you environment?

Are we talking about:

  • on prem or cloud?
  • docker, rpm/apt-based, or zip/tar-installation?


Sorry, I guess I didn’t provide enough information…this is an on-prem, zip/tar installation and we are trying to repoint the kafka logs which seem to be a JVM argument, rather than a property, like dataDir or dataLogDir. If it’s never going to get large, then it’s not a problem, but if it is, then it needs to be moved.

thx for the info

as you’ve already mentioned the log4j.properties file is the one to adapt.

there are several lines which control the log location, e.g


I would recommend to change it here to adapt it to your env.


OK will try that out…as always thanks for the info.

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