Kafka Monitoring and Metrics Using JMX


Can I monitor Confluent Platform deployments by using Java Management Extensions (JMX) without Docker

Hi @rijaluc
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yes it’s possible.
basically it’s the same as wit docker:
you need to set the JMX port and settings as described in

and then start zookeeper and kafka with the respective shell scripts


Thanks @mmuehlbeyer

I’m a novice, but my goal is to monitor kafka with influxdb/grafana

Can you give me a little tutorial please (video)

hey @rijaluc

check this



Please, how to install and start jmx on confluent
Note: I install confluent on windows using WSL


check this

WSL just for testing I guess?


Is it possible on influxdb

should be with jmxtrans
InfluxDBWriter · jmxtrans/jmxtrans Wiki · GitHub

Telegraf can also read Prometheus JMX Exporter output, last I checked

Hi @mmuehlbeyer
Below the step we has done :

  1. Download the latest version of the Jolokia JVM-Agent from
  2. Save jolokia-jvm-agent.jar on the Kafka server in /home/rijaluc/confluent-7.2.1/bin
  3. Configure Kafka to use Jolokia: Add the following server.propreties
  4. Restart the Kafka service.
  5. Verify that you can access Jolokia on port 8778 by running:

After vérification on localhost:8778/jolokia/list the page is unreachable.
Can you help us please ?:smile:
Note: I’m using Confluent Kafka

hey @rijaluc

the settings should not be done in server.properties but should be done in kafka-server-start or in your current bash.

RMI_HOSTNAME should be a host not a port :wink:

eg as described here

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