Kafka REST proxy config help

I have created ingress for Kafka rest and was able to access the rest api but as per security standards I wanted to secure Kafka rest api ingress URL and tried these attributed on values.yaml.

Kafka REST configuration options

ref: https://docs.confluent.io/current/kafka-rest/docs/config.html


consumer.request.timeout.ms: "5000"
client.sasl.mechanism: SCRAM-SHA-512
client.security.protocol: SASL_SSL
client.ssl.protocol: TLSv1.2
client.ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm: HTTPS
client.sasl.jaas.config: org.apache.kafka.common.security.scram.ScramLoginModule required username="* ***" password="*** ";
authentication.method: BASIC
authentication.realm: KafkaRest
authentication.roles: thisismyrole
auth.session.expiration.ms: 600000

Based on these attributes I am able to see authentication screen on Kafka rest Ingress URL and I am not sure how to pass the id and pass auth details for Kafka rest