Kafka SSE connector does not get any SSE events

I’m trying to build a Kafka SSE connector, which would stream Wikipedia updates into a Kafka topic. I’m using the Apache CXF client for the SSE part, but have also tried Jersey with the same result.

I’m testing this in a local docker-compose with 1 Kafka, 1 Connect and 1 zookeeper.
The problem is that when I run the (unit) test for the connect task, I can see that it is receiving SSE events and converting them to source records. However when I try to run this locally in a Docker compose, it never sees any events. I opened a shell inside the Connect docker and verified that connectivity is there (curl to the SSE url receives events).
I’m aware of cjmatta/kafka-connect-sse, however that project does not build anymore when I clone it. I compared the code and don’t see that much of a difference, except for the client library used. I’m wondering if there is anything internally in Connect that is keeping my setup from working.

The complete project (including compose and build instructions) is here: GitHub - tonvanbart/kafka-connect-example: Toy Kafka Connect project. - if anyone could shed some light on this I’d be very grateful as I’d like to understand what the problem is.
Thanks in advance.

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