Kafka Version confluent-community-7.0.0

Can we see the Kafka version in the downloaded folder?
I just downloaded confluent-community-7.0.0
I was under impression that file like kafka_2.13-7.0.0-ccs.jar will tell us about the Kafka version (2.13) and Confluent version (7.0). but from this page can see that version mentioned against 7.0 is 2.6.x. I don’t find 2.13 mentioned in Apache Kafka but 2.6.X is.
Please let me know if I asked the question in wrong category.

Hi @Girish.Meena

afaik it’s not possible, the best way is probably to check the release notes.


2.13 refers to the Scala version - it’s nothing to do with the Kafka version as such.

You can use this page to see the relationship between Confluent releases and Apache Kafka.

In this case Confluent 7.0 ships with Apache Kafka 3.0.


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