Kafka with Kraft Mode Large large messages

Hello, There.

I’ve been using Kafka with Mode Kraft for some time and it works very well. With small messages recorded in the topics

But, the need to receive large messages of 8MB arose.

I changed the serverproperties file in the KRAFT directory (etc/kafka/kraft/server. properties), with the following information message. max. bytes=8388608, replica.fetch.max.bytes=8388608, fetch.message.max.bytes=8388608, socket.request.max.bytes=8388608

Started the Kafka service normally

But when sending a message using the command (. / kafka-console-producer --bootstrap-server 10. 20. 10. 5:9092 --topic teste --producer-property max. request. size=8388608 < 8MB. txt) nothing happens, it doesn’t generate an error message and it doesn’t save to the topic.

Version: confluent-community-7.6.1

Has anyone had this problem?

I use an SSL connection with KAFKA and in this case it does not list or record messages larger than 1MB. When I use PLAINTEXT it works

Any ideas on this ?