Kafkacat in Docker

Hi guy

ok, this is all me being dumb.
I’m trying to run Robin’s demo locally on my MBP.
The Kafka deployment is the local/non containerised deployment, I can connect to it from Offset_explorer

I’m trying to execute…

$ docker run --rm -t --entrypoint /bin/sh edenhill/kafkacat:1.6.0 -c '
  # Install stuff
$ apk add gpsd gpsd-clients

$ nc 5631 | \
  gpsdecode | \
  kafkacat \
    -b localhost:9092 \
    -t ais -P

which immediately tells me it can’t connect to the broker.
I’d actually like to wrap this into a dockerfile, if anyone can help.
I’ve also replaced localhost with a /etc/hosts name with a local IP other than → no joy
my dockerfile

from edenhill/kafkacat:1.6.0 as kafkacat_base

# Install stuff
RUN apk update && apk add bash gpsd gpsd-clients bash

run nc 5631 | gpsdecode | kafkacat -b mbp-local-vcsa:9092 -t ais -P


cd /Users/george/Downloads/ais_ships

docker build --tag=m_ais_kafkacat .

called using
docker run -it m_ais_kafkacat