ksqlDB - compilation is failing

Hi All,

I cloned ksql repo and I am just doing a mvn clean install on the parent project.

It fails at ksqldb-serde saying “Could not resolve dependencies for project io.confluent.ksql:ksqldb-serde:jar:7.0.0-0: Failure to find io.confluent:common-config:jar:7.0.0-144 in Index of confluent-packages-maven/maven

Anyone knows why I am getting this?

I ran through an abbreviated build from master just now, and it completed successfully:

mvn install -DskipTests -Dspotbugs.skip=true

The build was able to access io.confluent:common-config:jar:7.0.0-212 from the public S3-based repo.

Are you still encountering issues?

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hi @mikebin ,

I am not facing the issue anymore.

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