Leader is none for few kafka topics

AK 2.5 version

There was an issue with an existing kafka broker in the cluster (of 3 brokers). A new node is added while the issue is sorted.

After restarting the cluster, I can see some topics that have 1 partition with “none” as the Leader. Such topics had their partitions on the problematic broker. This problematic broker also shows up on the Replica list for other topics that have multiple partitions. Is there any way to remove the metadata of the problematic broker from the zookeeper.

I was thinking of the following:

  • Remove controller and force partitions reassignment on the cluster
  • Run Kafka-reassign-partitions to reassign those partitions to the new broker. However, there are many topics and this might be laborious. Hence, reaching out to see if there is any other way to handle this.

Please let me know.