log4j:ERROR Could not read configuration file from URL

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to run a kafka connect cluster in distributed mode on Windows.

When I try to lunch the command C:\Users\dinardo\Desktop\Confluent\confluent-7.3.0\bin\windows>connect-distributed.bat C:\Users\dinardo\Desktop\Confluent\confluent-7.3.0\etc\kafka\connect-distributed.properties

gives me an error:
log4j:ERROR Could not read configuration file from URL [file:C:/Users/dinardo/Desktop/Confluent/confluent-7.3.0/config/connect-log4j.properties -Dlog4j.config.dir=C:/Users/dinardo/Desktop/Confluent/confluent-7.3.0/config].

java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\dinardo\Desktop\Confluent\confluent-7.3.0\config\connect-log4j.properties -Dlog4j.config.dir=C:\Users\dinardo\Desktop\Confluent\confluent-7.3.0\config.

I thought the problem was that config directory doesn’t exist in the path so I’ve created it with connect-log4j.properties file inside but the issue is still the same.

Can anyone help me? thank you

hey @SeverusP

Windows is basically not a supported for running Kafka environments.
I would rather recommend to run Kafka inside Docker or with WSL.

What may help solving your issue:

  • the file exists I assume
  • try to run the cmd with “run as Admin”

again I would recommend to use Docker or Linux or WSL.



The error is including the -Dlog4j.config.dir system property, which it shouldn’t, but as mentioned, the BATCH scripts haven’t been modified in a long time to fix any problems with them, whereas the unix scripts are used daily by anyone running these services.