Mapping of topic to specific index in elastic-sink connector


I am trying to map topic: mytopic to elasticsearch index: myindex in distributed mode configuration using this property- "": "mytopic:myindex".

But this functionality seems to be deprecated. Everywhere I see that it has been removed but I couldn’t find an alternative or a straight work around.

Hence, opening this for a verified solution.
Requesting folks to kindly help here.

elasticsearch version: 7.17.9
kafka-connect-elasticsearch version: 14.0.3

Can someone please help here, I still didn’t find any workaround for this

I have the same issue.
I hope someone can help me.

I had the same problem until recently and after much trial and error to find a solution, I have come to the conclusion that Connector alone is not possible.
I have not tried it, but perhaps the following information may be helpful.

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