Mediumint unsigned datatype showing in binary


I am using debezium connector to capture data from mysql and ship to kafka topic. But I am facing one issue. mediumint unsighned datatype values are showing in binary format. How to convert mediumint unsigned values to string or integer. Please suggest to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @saurabhlam - sounds like you want to try a Cast Transform maybe? Also, you posted the question in the Kafka Streams section - I’d also post it on the Kafka Connect board.


Hmm, I dont know how to cast but in my table few columns data type is mediumint unsigned and values of that columns are coming in binary format.
I have handled decimal value by changing mode to string but dont know how to handle these datatypes.

I have used below in debezium connector
“decimal.handling.mode”: “string”,
“bigint.unsigned.handling.mode”: “long”,
“time.precision.mode”: “adaptive_time_microseconds”,
“binary.handling.mode”: “base64”,

Will appreciate if get solution to handle mediumint unsigned datatype.