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I had used a JDBC Source connector to fetch data from Netezza Database. I had used the convertor as JsonSchemaConvertor. When viewing the message in Kafdrop, it is showing in different way.

Required format:

{"name" : "cesho", "age": "XX"}

Received format:

J{"name" : "cesho", "age": "XX"}

I want to remove the letter J in front of the parantheses. Kindly help me to sort it out Forum :slight_smile: @rmoff

The config:

key.converter: io.confluent.connect.json.JsonSchemaConverter

key.converter.schema.registry.url: http://confluent-schema-registry:8081

value.converter: io.confluent.connect.json.JsonSchemaConverter

value.converter.schema.registry.url: http://confluent-schema-registry:8081

mode: bulk

table.whitelist: ZZ_CEANT_DEMO

topic.prefix: "demo-jdbc-json-"

numeric.mapping: best_fit : 4800000

transforms: "flatten, renameTargetTopic"

transforms.flatten.type: "org.apache.kafka.connect.transforms.Flatten$Value"

transforms.flatten.delimiter: "."

transforms.renameTargetTopic.type: "org.apache.kafka.connect.transforms.RegexRouter"

transforms.renameTargetTopic.regex: "demo-jdbc-json-.*"

transforms.renameTargetTopic.replacement: "demo-jdbc-json"


Is Kafdrop deserialising the JSON Schema correctly? That J looks like an ascii representation of the magic byte used by the Schema Registry. See Formats, Serializers, and Deserializers | Confluent Documentation

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