Mongo Sink connector

Hi all

Can you advise,

With the Mongo Sink connector, can it only monitor a single topic ?
or can it monitor multiple topics,
and then, can I use a single sink connector and output to multiple Mongo Atlas collections (inside a single project) or can a sink connector only sink to a single collection?


topics and topics.regex properties apply to all connectors

Whether or not the topic name is used downstream, is connector dependant. For example, JDBC sink uses topic name to create unique tables, by default, but there is a config option.

You’ll want to check the Mongo sink connector documentation for something similar, or if you’re only able to provide a single collection name, in which case all consumed topics will write into one

The sink connector can sink,
1 or more topics.
it can also stream those output streams from the multiple topics into
1 or more database, and 1 or more collections in those database.
based on
value in message or key of message.

Found the Mongo docs…