More than one Control Center replica simultaneously


I am new to Confluent and I was wondering whether Control Center can be executed in more than one place simultaneously, in another replica or another VM in non K8s architectures. I am thinking in HA-DR designs. I haven’t found documentation saying it is possible or not, is it?

If k8s can do it, then you should be able to run the same without.

Are you running into any specific issues beyond lack of documentation?

Thanks for the reply @OneCricketeer

I actually don’t know if it can be done in Kubernetes either, I haven’t found any official documentation… I am worried in the case there is only one instance and becomes unavailable for whatever reason, how would I manage everything?

I recommend deploying more than one, and seeing what happens.

Each instance runs Kafka Streams, internally, so as long as you are okay with separating those configs, such as and confluent.controlcenter.command.topic, appropriately, and having the Kafka overhead of maintaining both KStreams apps, then each instance would work independently of one another.

Keep in mind the hardware requirements for each instance

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