MSSQL CDC connector in Confluent Cloud

I’m new to Kafka and Debezium and I really thought that using COnfluent Cloud, it would be more or less just creating connector and things will be working.

And to a certain point they are.

I have created the MSSQL CDC connector and configured it to fetch one table that has CDC enabled in Azure SQL database.

After creation the topic is created and all the table content is filled as messages in the topic - and i dance_my_happy_dance

Then I add new row in the table, verify that this row is added as change in cdc system table, and I wait in suspense. I’m waiting for the message count to increment with one. After a minute I get worried and after 5 I’m disappointed.

No errors, no logs, no nothing to even start to find out why I get my initial table but no changes get populated.

Anyone? I hope the solution is not to elevate to whatever level to get Confluent technical support team to look into it - i hope somebody somewhere will offer at least some pointers where can I find any logs. I’m used to have debugging logs available, now i dont have nothing.

a really sad sad data engineer, who had hopes cloud services will make life easier, not harder

Hi Merca,

Few options about what might wrong but first of all, please check if CDC correctly
configured for both your database and table.
I think CDC might not enabled for the table. And unfortunately fully-managed source connectors can’t detect that kind of db system level issues(thats why you didn’t get any error messages).

Even if CDC is not enabled for the table, you could still receive a snapshot of the table in some cases, but without the CDC instance, there won’t be any CDC events.

You can check if it’s enabled on your table with this SQL query.

SELECT is_tracked_by_cdc
FROM sys.tables
WHERE name = 'YourTableName'

and you should check debezium’s documentation to configure your CDC instance for a better understanding. :point_down: