Multiple MM2 clusters for different topics

Is it possible to use multiple mm2 dedicated clusters to replicate different topics between two kafka clusters?
The scenario is the following:

  • Two clusters: A and B
  • Two topics in A: topic-01 and topic-02
  • Two mm2 clusters: mm-01 and mm-02
    -use mm-01 to replicate topic-01 from A to B
    -use mm-02 to replicate topic-02 from A to B

This line in the kafka documentation makes me believe is not possible:

MirrorMaker processes share configuration via their target Kafka clusters. This behaviour may cause conflicts when configurations differ among MirrorMaker processes that operate against the same target cluster

Now, config, status, offset and for the dedicated clusters can be different (defined in the configuration file). That and the fact that I don’t see much difference between doing that and an aggregation flow makes me believe it’s possible.

If so, what are the options/parameters to set to achieve it?