Neo4j Sink Connector Update and Delete queries

Hi, I’m using Debezium Mysql Source connector and Neo4j Sink connector that are working great together when creating nodes, but I’m facing some difficulties when updating and deleting nodes. I followed neo4j’s tutorial and shows only one example creating a node. What if I need to run a different cypher query when updating or deleting rows in mysql table? Here’s my config for the connectors

Mysql debezium

    "name": "inventory-connector",  
    "config": {  
      "connector.class": "io.debezium.connector.mysql.MySqlConnector",
      "tasks.max": "1",  
      "database.hostname": "localhost",  
      "database.port": "3306",
      "database.user": "debezium",
      "database.password": "dbz",
      "": "1",  
      "topic.prefix": "dbserver1",  
      "database.include.list": "inventory",  
      "schema.history.internal.kafka.bootstrap.servers": "localhost:9092",  
      "schema.history.internal.kafka.topic": "schema-changes.inventory",

Neo4j :

  "name": "Neo4jSinkConnector",
  "config": {
    "topics": "dbserver1.inventory.customers",
    "connector.class": "streams.kafka.connect.sink.Neo4jSinkConnector",
    "errors.retry.timeout": "-1",
    "": "1000",
    "errors.tolerance": "all",
    "errors.log.enable": true,
    "errors.log.include.messages": true,
    "neo4j.server.uri": "neo4j+s://",
    "neo4j.authentication.basic.username": "neo4j",
    "neo4j.authentication.basic.password": "password",
    "neo4j.topic.cypher.dbserver1.inventory.customers": "MERGE (p:Person{name: event.after.nombre, id:})"

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