Not executing KSQLDB queries for Confluent Cloud Ksqldb

I am trying to connect to Confluent KSQLDB using Java Client. I am able to connect but unable to execute the Queries from client.
I am following this Reference: Java Client for ksqlDB - ksqlDB Documentation

Placing my piece of code. Correct me if I am missing something

Hi @AnushaReddy . It would help if you could give more details - What are you seeing when you execute it?


I was trying to connect to KSQLDB using Java Client. My requirement is to get all the Tables and Streams which are lying under given KSQLDB cluster. So in this process, I am unable to get the Tables and Streams by executing ksqldb queries(shown in above screenshot).

Hi vnadkarni,

May I know the update for the above issue if possible?

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