Oracle source connector

During creating source connector for oracle we need

  1. Connection Host
  2. Connection User
  3. Connection Password
    as we are giving the authentication details we are getting error for either
    Connection Host or connection password

    If Possible can someone guide me through the entire process of connecting confluent cloud to oracle cloud database.


could you share the connectors config?

to dig a littler deeper into you error you could have a look at the connect event logs

(depends on your role)


Below are the connector config details:

|Connection host| //Tried both DBsystem host id and public ip
address of database
|Connection port 1521
|Connection user sys //we are using root compartment and sys is username while creating database system
|Connection password |****************| //using same password which we gave during database creation
|Database name type |SERVICE_NAME|
|Database name| newPDB //for database name we are using PDB service name
|SSL mode| disabled

These are the information I am using as per my understanding from reading confluent documentation on connectors. If there is any additional resource or information that is required please mention that too.

looks ok on first sight

are you able to check the logs?

I am not able to check the logs.

hmm anybody else in your org?

an error message would be quite nice