PICKUP DATA - A Kafka Adventure Game [Kafka Summit 2022]

PICKUP DATA - A Kafka Adventure Game
Date : April 25, 2022
Time : 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM BST


  • Kris Jenkins, Senior Developer Advocate, Confluent

Apache Kafka® is used by many video gaming companies to manage and analyse live data from their players, handling billions of events across dozens of countries every day. But none of them have thrown caution to the wind and used Kafka as their core game engine.

In this talk we’ll revisit the quintessential video game, the Text-Based Adventure, and implement as much of it as we can in pure Kafka. We may not break the Steam sales records, but along the way we’ll learn a lot about the building blocks of event systems, some interesting Kafka Streams tricks, and get a glimpse of how many different needs a good event store can satisfy: data collection, processing & enrichment, analytics, real-time reporting and more.