Protecting Kafka Connect License Key

Enterprise Kafka Connect requires license key information to be either put into Kafka connect worker or each Kafka connector. If the application team wants to run the connectors the license key need to be shared and also requires authorization to license topic. So it could be good if we could tell me
1.How to protect the license key?
2.If the license key is stolen, what are the consequences? How does the license key can be protected in the enterprise world?

Hi @thyagu90! Welcome to the community! To address your questions:

  1. Since Confluent Platform 6.0, Kafka Connect supports license key injection, meaning you can configure your workers with the required properties to connect to the license topic and it will validate the license for every connector it hosts. In order to avoid writing the license key in plaintext (if needed), it is common to utilize configuration providers. Confluent offers various flavors of config providers to enterprise customers, but Apache Kafka comes with the File-based config provider.

  2. If you believe your license key to be compromised, Iā€™d suggest working with Confluent support to strategize a rotation as needed

Let me know if you have any questions, I hope it helps!

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