Provisioning Confluent through Azure Marketplace not possible for CSP Accounts

We currently run a Confluent Cloud environment on Microsoft Azure using a personal Azure Account.
This was done as it is not possible to provision Confluent Cloud through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace when the Azure account is a CSP Account.

If you try to provision Confluent Cloud through the Azure Marketplace when you have an Azure CSP Account you get the following error message:
This offer is not available for purchasing by subscriptions belonging to Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Providers

Speaking to my CSP and Microsoft, they say that it means that Confluent has not enabled for Confluent Cloud to be provisioned on Azure CSP Accounts and that this is something that is a decision for Confluent to enable or not.

Would it be possible for Confluent to enable this for Azure CSP Accounts?


Replying to this, is there any idea of an timeschedule when this might become available?

Kind regards,
Jelmer van Amen

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+1. I ran into this problem today (October 4th, 2021).

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