🐍 Python client for Apache Kafka - docs and examples

confluent-kafka-python provides a high-level Producer, Consumer and AdminClient compatible with all Apache KafkaTM brokers >= v0.8, Confluent Cloud and the Confluent Platform. The client is:

  • Reliable - It’s a wrapper around librdkafka (provided automatically via binary wheels) which is widely deployed in a diverse set of production scenarios. It’s tested using the same set of system tests as the Java client and more. It’s supported by Confluent.
  • Performant - Performance is a key design consideration. Maximum throughput is on par with the Java client for larger message sizes (where the overhead of the Python interpreter has less impact). Latency is on par with the Java client.
  • Future proof - Confluent, founded by the creators of Kafka, is building a streaming platform with Apache Kafka at its core. It’s high priority for us that client features keep pace with core Apache Kafka and components of the Confluent Platform.

See the API documentation for more info.

:floppy_disk: Code samples: https://github.com/confluentinc/examples/tree/6.0.0-post/clients/cloud/python

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