Reading from __consumer_offsets topic

if I want to write a consumer app to consume from __consumer_offsets topic? how to avoid an infinite loop? do I need to disable offset ?

Why do you want to consume this internal topic?
And even more important: Why do you think you would end up in an “infinite” loop? Do you consider consuming this topic using a consumer group? I’m pretty sure you’d be able to consume more messages than you will commit offsets to that topic.

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Kind of, also here’s a blog that discribes various ways of reading the consumer offsets topic,

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I am just exploring. As it has the information of the group, topic, partition number, and offset of the consumer, Maybe for troubleshooting purposes.

Yes, there is soms nice information there, but it can also be read/viewed with a lot of different tools. Especially consumer lag, the difference between the committed offset, and the latest offset, is something you want to monitor.

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