RECORDING AVAILABLE "An Illustrated Introduction to Kafka, Confluent Platform, and Confluent Cloud"

  • :spiral_calendar: When: 27 January 2022 at 00:00 (UTC)
  • :speaking_head: Speaker(s): Travis Hoffman
  • :notebook_with_decorative_cover: Talk(s): “An Illustrated Introduction to Kafka, Confluent Platform, and Confluent Cloud”

Before you watch
Resources - Introduction to Kafka course on Confluent Developer and Get started with Confluent Cloud free

Join us as we take an illustrated tour of the Kafka ecosystem with clear, concise, and approachable explanations of the most important components, features, and concepts to get started with Kafka. This presentation will be suitable for developers of all levels of experience with Kafka.

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Really neat talk by @travis-a-hoffman .


  • An intro to the Apache Kafka terminology and the Kafka ecosystem
  • Kafka vs database & Message Queue systems. How do you think of Kafka if you come from one of those two worlds.
  • Key Kafka concepts: Topics, Partitions & Replicas and how they solve for Isolation, Parallelism, Availability
  • ksqlDB - an intro
  • Confluent Platform - the different components and features, including self-balancing clusters, tiered storage, Authorization integrations, Cluster linking, Observability etc.
  • Schema Registry - an intro.
  • Confluent Cloud
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