Replica-placement for topic creation in Java

Can anyone give an example of how the config should look when specifying replica-placement when creating a topic using Java? I can only find cli examples of this being used.

I have tried adding it as a config item the same way I would add cleanup.policy or for example but it throws this error when I try that:
org.apache.kafka.common.errors.InvalidConfigurationException: Unknown topic config name: replica-placement

Here is how my failed config looks (replicaPlacementObj is a JSONObject):

configs.put(“”, String.valueOf(retentionPeriod));
configs.put(“replica-placement”, replicaPlacementObj.toString());
configs.put(“min.insync.replicas”, “1”);

Is the functionality you’re looking for called replica-placement or replica-assignment?

By looking into Kafka’s CLI API, I was able to find the replica-placement parameter:

If that is the case, then according to the code, they use Kafka’s Admin API to handle this:

Now, suppose this is a Confluent-specific feature. In that case, I am not sure if the Admin API will recognize the parameter replica-placement passed to your config since it is not a native configuration property. You would need to check on Confluent’s code how this is handled.


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Thanks riferrei. It could be that it translates across as replicaAssigment in the Admin API. In the CLI the example given uses replica-placement (see below), hence why I tried that name in my code first. I will have a deeper look into replicaAssignment as you’ve suggested.

kafka-topics --create
–bootstrap-server kafka-west-1:9092
–topic testing-observers
–partitions 3
replica-placement /etc/confluent/testing-observers.json
–config min.insync.replicas=2

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