Retrieve kafka topics using http/https API call

I am creating custom UI on top of open source apache kafka setup. I need to list all the available topics in kafka broker to the UI. Is there any http/https rest API available that will return json of available topics?

Hi @AshishGupta
take a look at the v2 endpoint,
and the v3 endpoint,

There’s an usage example for the v3 endpoint in the documentation,

Thanks Josephh. I think these are specific to Confluent Kafka setup.But In my case, I am using open source Apache Kafka.

  1. There is no such thing
  2. You can run the REST Proxy for any Kafka cluster.

Kafka otherwise has no HTTP endpoint to list topics.

CMAK and AKHQ, for example use Java/Scala with AdminClient API to do server-side rendering of topics from the cluster rather than make HTTP requests.