Same Table join using alias

i need to join like ,
from tab_a
left join tab_b on
left join tab_c on
left join tab_a_rep on

is it possible?
tab_a_rep is the another table with underlying same topic as tab_a. r using alias

ksqlDB 0.19 will ship with FK-joins… Should be released soon.

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I see ksql 0.19 being released.
Will this release , support my same table join .
I can see FK join (fk from left = pk from right) feature.

in my case i need to use same table twice, so?

Hi @mjsax ,
Also now joins are working like many : 1. (fk_lefttable= pk_righttable)
is der any workaround for it to support like tab1 Leftjoin tab2 on (pk_lefttable =fk_righttable)

There is no “left-join” for 1:n, because there is not “right-join” for n:1… ksqlDB cannot support this atm.

Check out this blog post, that explains why we only support n:1 left-join:

thank you @mjsax for the info

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