Schema registry for auto load schemas

Hello folks,

I am building a POC around Kafka Schema Registry and I have ot foundany documentation or example about how to SEND data to kafka schema registry with RecordNameStrategy.

What I need is sen multiple messages with different schemas and I expect see those different schemas ID based on the RecordName.

Also, I have found that the example code is based on Scala but when I try to use Python I need to use a bride for the AVRO Messages.

Does anyone has any example code or guidance about How to reach my POC_

The confluent-kafka-python client does not natively support registry serialization “strategies”. You will need to manually registry/download your own subjects and parse the AVSC json string to pull out any Record field for usage in that subject name.

When you HTTP POST a subject with a given name, it’ll return an ID you can use to further build your own bytes object for producing from Python.