🎧 Securing the Cloud with VPC Peering ft. Daniel LaMotte

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Everything is moving to the cloud, which makes it increasingly important to secure your cloud infrastructure and minimize the threat of potential attackers. With a virtual private cloud (VPC)—your own private network in the cloud that you can launch your own instances into—this can be done with VPC Peering, connecting VPCs together to create a path between them to keep your data safe and accessible to you alone. Although typically performed in a single cloud provider, it is possible to do in more than one—think of it as your cloud router

Daniel LaMotte (Site Reliability Engineer, Confluent) walks through the details of cloud networking and VPC peering: what it is, what it does, and how to launch a VPC in the cloud, plus the difference between AWS PrivateLink and AWS Transit Gateway, CIDR, and its accessibility across cloud providers.


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